Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Great Birthday weekend

Spear fisher
2006, Illustrator file
Graphic for Lobsterboy T-Shirts

Birthday weekend was a blur. KT and Sara pitched in to get Shaun into town for the festivities, which was perfect, because there is no one else that I would rather watch boxing with…amongst other things. Between taking over the basement of Temperance, Duckpin bowling, V for vendetta at the Uptown, Mayweather vs. Judah, or project runway at Sara’s…it was the perfect birthday weekend.

The fight was particularly good. A fight broke out during the fight. And the experience of E, Joel, Shaun, etc. watching it together was really great. I think I might want to start putting boxers into my work. I have been toying with the Astronaut idea, with the spacesuit as a stand in for masculinity and vulnerability….perhaps a boxer as a friend… I finally made a painting with an astronaut in it. He’s standing at a distance from a rocket, holding an umbrella in the rain. I really like the image of holding the umbrella (people will say it’s too Bacon or Magritte) while wearing a spacesuit…

The other thing I made this week is another Lobsterboy image. I decided that he needed to have a more cheesecake image, so I made a sexy spear fisher that has caught a lobster. KT says that the shells are going the wrong direction, but I think that makes it sillier…. It has that tattoo crossed with an old gas station logo look...

My schedule is ramping up, and soon it will be tough for me to keep up the pace and keep up with my “semester” schedule…

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