Thursday, March 30, 2006


Last night I received a rejection letter from MICA. I am not taking it as hard as KT thought I might. I am disappointed, but only because I won’t be working on my painting for seven weeks straight this summer…which is, I think, a positive reaction. They didn’t offer any explanation about why I was rejected, but I wrote to them asking for feedback on how I can improve my chances next year.

In the meantime, this means that I can say “yes” to Imagination Stage summer camps and to Trixie and Lobs. And it also means I will be free to continue to make work that I enjoy. And, perhaps the work I was doing, previous to the application, was not yet ripe for picking…the warm winds of spring and summer will undoubtedly help ripen my work, for a winter harvest of another application.


scott said...

Sorry to hear that, sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy though.

Jared said...

Again thanks for all of your help scott...maybe next year.