Wednesday, February 08, 2006

One week until the application deadline!

This Sunday I dictated much of my autobiography to KT, in order to get my thoughts on why I want to apply to MICA on paper. I think it has gone a long way towards clarifying why I want to go, and what I want to do there. I just hope that I can get it all done by this time next week…

I tried to learn PowerPoint, and it seems pretty simple, so that’s no real challenge, technically. It’s choosing the right photos that will get me in trouble….

I got a single word email from Peter Williams….”What?”….Which isn’t helping my case for getting a letter from him. Sometimes the most colorful professors are not the most reliable in the “future favors” department.

This coming week is the “burlesque triple header”, and boy am I excited! I just want to get through this application, and then concentrate on making some new work. I don’t have any shows or gallery showings coming up, so it should be one of those rollercoaster times for me….where not much gets done, until something kicks me in the pants.

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