Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Letters of Reference

I finally got my truck back from Rainbow auto body. I am not making my daily 1.5 mile, uphill, walk to work anymore. This means that I don’t do the same type of reflecting…i.e. walking helps focus the thoughts, and allows one to sketch…

I have been having a dickens of a time getting letters of recommendation out of people. Al loving is dead, Tom Parish has disappeared into the mists of Venice, and Peter Williams is working for U of Delaware, and not returning my emails…The other people I have lined up are Scott Brooks (who will do it, in fact he did a successful one for someone else not long ago) and Hal Crawford. Other people that I might need to ask if Peter falls through…Molly Rupert, Bill Weisnewski….Ill give peter till the end of the week to respond….

Aside from that, I have been trying to get a start on the entrance essay and the portfolio requirements. Noises Off opens this Friday, and the show looks pretty good….

Saw the Cezanne exhibit on Monday, and I think that I don’t like the landscapes very much. I do enjoy the still lives, but there were few of them. The Audoban exhibit was really good too; I saw the same buzzard as Clarks, in the flesh. I am also enamored with a French printmaker…Buhot…who does these etchings (with numerous processes, an aspect that this show was highlighting) that have other, notation-like, sketches that supplement the main etching, around the borders.

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