Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The application is in the mail!

The MICA application is in the mail. It was a stressful weekend for KT (and Sara) but they did yeoman’s work and helped me make the hard decisions, organize and polish the edges to a shine. It was a bit strange to have the whole thing printed out and packed neatly into its little folder. I sent it off into the world on an overnight express…see you in a few months, little buddy…

I got some real good networking done on the burlesque front. I think that I can really get a chance to produce some good work for Lobs and Trixie. He seems to want T-shirts and She wants to talk about “animal crackers” themed tour that they are doing in LA…I am trying to get both into the idea of backdrops….

My mom is in town (double booked with Kyle and Alexia…and the strike for Noises off) so my studio is quartered-off. I am in a creative moment right now, since all work has stopped for looming application deadlines….but this will really get my blood boiling, not being able to binge after the drought….Next week (hopefully I will be in progress as the next entry comes along.) I will get my studio back, and I will start to get back on track.

I have been jazzed by the “paintblogging” entries by Pizz. I have noticed that a lot of the underground (bad name, but it will do for now) artists are starting to get their own blogs now: Pizz, John K (from Ren and Stimpy), Bill Wray…and they are offering advice and insight on their work, which I would assume the pubic finds tremendously boring, but I find endlessly fascinating. I hope they keep it up, because it amps up my creativity greatly to see these guys slogging through some work, day after day.

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